Monday, July 9, 2018

Compare Different Laptops for Home Lab

Compare Different Laptops

As we all know, there are many types of laptop computers that were manufactured to suit every need and requirement. This is why in what follows we will compare different laptop computers to get at least an idea about what you should look for when you want to buy a laptop.

There are 5 big types of laptop computers: desktop replacements, ultraportable laptops, standard laptops, thin and light laptops and tablet PCs. As to compare different laptop computers, we will discuss a bit about the things you’ll get and the things you’ll miss when and if you buy a laptop from the categories above mentioned.

If you decide upon a desktop replacement - that is a laptop that has all the things your former computer had, but in a more stylish practical chassis - than you’ll get a widescreen with a sharp display and great colours, a i5 processor, enough memory and sophisticated style. Such a laptop will also come with a numeric pad, a thing that is really rare on laptop computers nowadays.

Such a laptop is good for gaming, for editing and also for a good sound, as most of them with an integrated subwoofer. Though you get all these things, there are also some downsides of a desktop replacement laptop. It is not portable, as it weighs a lot due to all its components, their battery life is really poor and they are, by far, the most expensive (from $1500 to $4000).

While the desktop replacements are so hard to carry around, the ultraportable laptops are the ones you should think of if you are a traveler. Such a laptop is very compact and has a great design, but the performance is really low. If you buy one, you’ll also find that the battery life is also very poor, the screen is small and the keyboard is also very unpractical, as it too is very small.
Also, you won’t get a CD or DVD drive either, because the ultraportable laptops have to be small and really light. Know more about the pros and cons of ultraportable laptops from LaptopJudge and no matter what you choose to buy, check the reviews and ratings carefully before buying.

Standard laptops are really affordable; they provide great performance and excellent battery life. So if you need to travel a lot and also work on your laptop, then such a laptop is a great choice. The only bad parts are that they are not as portable as the ones mentioned above, and they don’t have upgraded graphics chips, so they won’t come close to the frame rates offered by desktop replacements.

Thin and light laptops are by far the best in the traveling domain because they combine power with battery life. They also have great displays and many wireless options, so you can stay connected whenever. However, they lack USB ports, there are only 2 or 3, which to be honest are less than enough and they utilize shared system RAM in the graphics department.

Finally, the tablet PCs will provide mobility, as they are very small; they have 2 viewing modes, either portrait or landscape and they also have a great battery life. However, they lack performance, screen quality, and optical drive, as you won’t get a CD or DVD drive. If you find this post helpful, check out "Best 2-person desk for College Students"

Which laptop do you want to use? And for what? Let me know through comments.