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Hello, I am Kunal, a technology Addict. Sometimes personal tutor for IT subjects, I am always joyful when I learn new things, implement and experience them with strong virtulization and powershell scripting knowledge working as a Sr. System Architect. My point of view is that one should always be curious about how things work in any field and that is what drives me most of the times to explore new things.  I have been in the field of virtualization for a while now for almost 11+ years and I’m still fascinated by this technology, it doesn’t cease to amaze me. Everyday its a new journey and I hope to contribute more and learn more as I go on.

I hold numerous techinal certifications (Windows and VMWare) and is awarded VMWare vExpert in 2014,2015 and 2016. I frequently answer user's questions on VMware Techonology Network (VMTN) and Linkedin Groups.

My blogs focuses on creating Vmware virtualization, Hyperv, SCVMM, System Center, Windows Servers, Terminal Services, DR, Powercli, Powershell, IT Automation, Which benefits the technology community.

I conducted many personal training on Windows, Vmware, Powershell sometimes basics on linux. Currently I am started writing blogs on http://vcloud-lab.com which is my own domain.

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