Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reset IBM IMM (Integrated Management Module) also called IBM RSA

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Reset the remote console (DRAC/ILO/RSA)
You might have faced issue with IBM IMM (Integrated Management Module) also called IBM RSA that IP address or IMM name (simmilar to host name) is pinging but you are not able to open webpage. It is painful in the situation when you want to perform reboot, any firmware upgrade, to check server os status from remote location, To sort out you need to reset (restart) IBM IMM not server.
follow below steps to reset IBM.

Open command prompt (you can use putty as well, here I will demostrate with Microsoft command prompt)
Start >> run >> cmd

Type Telnet appending by your IBM IMM IP address or IMM name press enter.
Telnet IMM_name

Enter user login (userID) and password.
Now on next screen type resetsp and press enter  to reboot IBM IMM as below screenshot.

It will loose connection for 1 or 2 min.

Open IBM IMM ip in web browser, and its done.


Anonymous said...

IMM name is IMM-, not IMM_

Unknown said...

If you install the ASU tools - downloadble from the IBM site- for your Linux or windows OS, you can reset the IMM directly from within your OS.

# /opt/ibm/toolscenter/asu/asu64
IBM Advanced Settings Utility version 3.50.68G
Licensed Materials - Property of IBM
(C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2007-2009 All Rights Reserved
You must specify at least one parameter
Usage: ./asu [apps] [ | ] [] []

Note: Full description of an app: ./asu --help
Full description of a command: ./asu --help


savestat [app_cmd] - Tool Kit Store System Install State
immcfg [app_cmd] - Configure IMM LAN over USB (IMM-based servers only)

--license rebootbmc
batch rebootrsa
comparedefault replicate
delete resetrsa
dump restore
encrypt save
export set
generate setenc
help show
import showdefault
loaddefault showgroups
patchadd showlocation
patchextract showvalues
patchlist version
patchremove readraw
rebootimm writeraw

using the resetimm option ( for M3 & M4 X series or resetrsa if you have a M1/M2 server

kunal said...

Yes I am aware of ASU utility, Asu is also able to restart IMM remotely, but I find telnet is very simple.

You will need ASU utility from IBM.
Asu rebootimm --host “IMM ipaddress” --user “username” --password “password”

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Jhn said...

If we executw resetimm, will the os be getting reboot also?