Thursday, June 7, 2012

Part 5: Setup WinDBG as a server to solve BSOD

Part 5: Setting up WINDBG as a Server.
I am assuming here you have gone through installation and already setup windbg. Now I am going to setup WINDBG as a server so you need not to install Windbg on every crashed system, no need to download symbols again and again and also no need to copy dump files on WinDBG server. All I want to do is everything Hassle free. Here I am utilizing D drive. Where windbg is installed
  • ·         Create a folder D:\windbg. (on the windbgserver)
  • ·         Share it on the network. Give administrators full permissions. 

  • ·        Select all files from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.0\Debuggers\x64" and copy them in  D:\windbg
  • ·         Copy c:\symbol folder inside d:\windbg as well

Above is the windbg topology, Now what you need to do is log into your desktop or laptop with admin rights (also having admin rights to windbgserver and memberserver) with internet connectivity. Here I am going to use KD.exe (commandline tool to windbg).

Map shared WinDBG folder from windbgserver on your desktop, let's map it to W: (you can use another drive,  if W: is already mapped)

Open start>computer> and select Map network drive for lower menu bar

Change drive to W: and use \\\windbg, click finish. (if it ask for network credentials provide it admin username and password)
Open command prompt.  start>run>cmd. Type below commands.

Once it is done reading minidump file type !analyze -v  as shown and press enter.

Now in next screen you can clearly see what is the root cause of BSOD.

So next time you find any "bug" file on your windows system, I am sure you know how to kill it.
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