Friday, April 19, 2013

Creating first VM on the esxi host 5.5 and installing OS (Part 5)

Creating first VM on the esxi host and installing OS
Right click on the esxi01 host and click on "New virtual machine"

Type the name for VM

Select datastore where you will put your VM files

This virtual machine version (hardware and other features) keep it to latest.
Select OS of your choice

You can add more CPU, memory and network which I skipped here.
Select the disk type I have selected her thin provisioning as it will allocate disk space on demand.

Rest of the options keeps defaults and finish. Right click on VM and edit settings. Insert windows OS cd/dvd on esxi server.
It's time to power on server.
Install windows os, to come out of the console press left ctrl+alt

Once you finished  installing OS, install VMware tools, right click VM, go to Guest, Install/upgrade VMware tools. Install VMware tools from DVD drive in my computers of VM. This will require reboot after install.

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