Thursday, December 17, 2015

Find iLo, Drac, IMM/RSA, CIMC IP and MacAddress on esxi (vCenter)

Useful links: 
Reset the remote console (DRAC/ILO/RSA)
Reset IBM IMM (Integrated Management Module) also called IBM RSA

I found one of the interesting thing on Esxi. When you navigate to Hardware Status, under the censors, collapse Baseboard Management Controller > Management Controller IP Interface node, Here you will find one IP, Gateway and Mac Address, This Controller card is your ILO, DRAC, IMM/RSA  or CIMC card. Those are the IP and Mac of you Remote Management Card (ILO, DRAC, IMM/RSA  or CIMC card).

Here is the below screenshot how it looks like.
Happy remoting.

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