Monday, February 15, 2016

import vCenter roles (privileges) - Powercli.

From my first article Export vcenter roles (privileges) I exported all the roles and privileges successfully now it was task to migrate Roles on another vCenter. I already had grabbed roles in files so they where completely portable, I extracted zip file of my roles in the same c:\temp folder as I was going to use it.

Other very useful script for vCenter migration.

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Import vCenter roles (privileges) - Powercli

Export vcenter roles (privileges)

this is screenshot from my previous post it contains all the roles.
Here is the script. I hope I am keeping all simple.

   Imports roles into vsphere roles..   
   This script imports roles into vspheres from .role file/   
   Import-vSphereRoles -Path c:\temp  
   Import Roles to the folder.   
   NAME: Import-vSphereRoles   
   AUTHOR: Kunal Udapi   
   LASTEDIT: 15th February 2016  
   KEYWORDS: Import Roles   
   #Check Online version:    
   #Requires -Version 3.0   
  #requires -Version 3    
   [Parameter(Mandatory=$true, Position=1,   
   [string]$Path = "c:\temp"    
  ) #Param   
 Begin {  
   $roleFiles = Get-ChildItem -Path $Path -Filter *.role  
 Process {  
   foreach ($role in $roleFiles) {  
     $VIRoleName = $role.BaseName   
     $RolesContent = Get-Content -Path $role.FullName  
     New-Virole -Name $VIRoleName | Out-Null  
     Write-Host "Created Role `"$VIRoleName`"" -BackgroundColor DarkGreen  
     foreach ($Privilege in $RolesContent) {  
       if (-not($privilege -eq $null -or $privilage -eq "")) {  
         Write-Host "Setting Permissions `"$Privilege`" on Role `"$VIRoleName`"" -ForegroundColor Yellow  
         Set-VIRole -Role $VIRoleName -AddPrivilege (Get-VIPrivilege -ID $privilege) | Out-Null  
       } #if (-not($privilege -eq $null -or $privilage -eq ""))  
     } #foreach ($Privilege in $RolesContent)  
   } #foreach ($role in $roleFiles)  
Once you keep it in .ps1 and run it  (check my earlier post for Export vcenter roles (privileges) how i have collected information and running script), you will see powercli console some thing like below screenshot.
I will be sharing next script for Exporting and Importing roles permissions stay tuned. If you like this article please share knowledge. 

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