Saturday, August 25, 2012

Part 4: Building Microsoft failover clustered HyperV LAB at home: Part 4

Building Microsoft failover clustered HyperV LAB at home
Lab configuration: Part 1
Configuring and Testing High Availability of VM: Part 8
Powershell Rocks - Creating virtual Nic cards for testing (Standalone HyperV)
Error resolved: Hyperv cannot be installed: A Hyperviser is already running.

Installing and configuring HyperV on HyperV01 (same settings will be done on HyperV02)

Open Server manager on administrative tools, Right click on Roles and click Add Roles
Go to Select Server Roles page and select Hyper-V from the list , click next.

Here I am using vNetwork (public network), VMs will use vNetwork Nic for their network traffic.

On the next screen press Install, after installation done it will ask for reboot, once reboot done (Several reboots), it will resume installation. There are nothing much to setup while installation.

Once after reboot post installation done you are ready to connecting another HyperV  and creating VM
(Add role HyperV on server HyperV02 with the same settings)

Connecting to another HyperV server

Open Hyper-V Manager from Administrative tools.

Click connect to Server by right clicking on Hyper-V Manager or from Action pane extreme right. Add  other server Hyperv02 (where hyperV is installed)

 Now both servers can be configured from one MMC.

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