Saturday, August 25, 2012

Part 1: Building Microsoft failover clustered HyperV LAB at home

Building Microsoft failover clustered HyperV LAB at home
Lab configuration: Part 1

Configuring and Testing High Availability of VM: Part 8
Powershell Rocks - Creating virtual Nic cards for testing (Standalone HyperV)
Error resolved: Hyperv cannot be installed: A Hyperviser is already running.

Before starting I just want you to know that this document is for demo/Lab purpose, do not try it on Production environment servers. I will not be responsible for any damage

In this Home lab I am going to setup hyperV with below servers and settings, Here I am virtualizing all my environment on VMware workstation 8.

For hyperV VMs check my blog (It will be helpful)

Note: links can be changed over period of time by Microsoft

I am using below VMs and their configuration below.

How it looks in Network Connections after renaming Nics on Virtual machine Hyperv01 (AD has only one nic named vNetwork and iscsi_server has iSCSI)

Install and configure Active Directory on hostname "AD" with "vcloud.lab" domain name, it will install DNS by default, Configure reverse lookup zone on it with 192.168.33.

Pull Hyperv01 and Hyperv02 into vcloud.lab domain.

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