Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Part 6: Building Microsoft failover clustered HyperV LAB at home

Building Microsoft failover clustered HyperV LAB at home
Lab configuration: Part 1
Configuring and Testing High Availability of VM: Part 8
Powershell Rocks - Creating virtual Nic cards for testing (Standalone HyperV)
Error resolved: Hyperv cannot be installed: A Hyperviser is already running.

Creating a failover cluster

Click create a cluster from Failover cluster manager.

 Add servers hyperv01 and hyperv02 in the list. (on both server Failover cluster feature is installed)
On the next screen it asks if we want to validate servers. I am selecting no (as I have already validated it in previous steps, and found some warnings but I can safely ignore them, if you made any changes after validating cluster. I suggest here click yes and re-validate settings).

On the next screen enter the name for your cluster "HyperVclus01" and keep selected only pubic network, deselect others and give IP address  (This is the cluster hostname clients are going to access), keep clicking next till finish.
You can change drive letters of the shared drive if you find them altered. Here mine has been changed to R and S, if your setting didn’t change no need to alter them.
Go to storage right click on disks and Change drive letters. Cross verify it from computer. (you will see clustered icon on the shared disks)

When Microsoft iSCSI target is used for clustering,  disk are visible to one server at a time only, once first server goes down disk and resources will be moved to second server. You can check it by going hyperv02 and computer you will not find them.

Restart  host hyperv01 and shared disks will be moved to Hyperv02, and again reboot hyper02, I want shared disk on hyperv01 right now.

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