Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Part 8: Building Microsoft failover clustered HyperV LAB at home

Configuring and Testing high availability of VM.

Before configuring Failover clustering, shutdown VM.
Open failover cluster Manager, right click Services and application and click Configure a service or Application
Select virtual Machine from the list and click next.
Select VM to make it highly available.
 Press next, check your settings on the next screen.
I am ignoring the warning on the next screen (you can view the report and read what is this warning) click finish. (if you get a warning you can proceed but in error you need to sort it out before clicking finish)

Right click VM and start it, once it is up we will test failover.
Once VM is fully up open cmd prompt on AD and type below command
Ping -t

Right click vm > live migrate virtual machine to another note > 1 - live migrate to node hyperv02,
Now VM will move from hyperv01 to hyperv02
If you check the status it is migrating.
I got only 2 pings dropped while migration and littlie stretched latency, It means clients accessing VM didn’t even know they are accessing VM from hyperv02. Check it from HyperV manager as well.

Now try simulating Hardware down, Hard reboot Hyperv02, VM should be failover to host Hyperv01 with little downtime. (VM will restart on HyperV01 host).

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