Saturday, October 28, 2017

Cisco CCNA Lab Guide - Wants to be master of CISCO networks?

How’s it going amigo? I hope you’re keeping well. After long time I am posting on this post and I think it is worth it.

I would like to discuss about, Author of this website Neil Anderson has been working his socks off on a free Cisco CCNA Lab Guide recently which I think my audience would really love. You can use it to pass the CCNA exam or as a configuration reference for Cisco routers and switches.

There’s a few free guides online but they all cover old out of date exam topics and aren’t great quality, which he guess isn’t surprising when they’re being given away for free. He wanted to produce a guide which is more complete (350+ pages), up to date, better quality and simple to use than all the paid guides out there, but which people can use completely for free. He also have a video course, but the PDF stands alone as a complete lab guide which could really help you further for your careers.  

He has attached the guide here so you can have a look. You can download the PDF link at it is worth reading.


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