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Stellar Data Recovery Technician Review

Stellar Data Recovery Technician is Powerful software utility tool to recover data, it is not only useful for IT environment but also can be used by end users as well, This software is capable of recovering data which is  lost or damaged from RAID 0, RAID 5 and RAID 6 drives. It is a complete solution with advanced features to recover files, photos, videos, emails etc. not only from Windows but linux and Mac - based hard drives as well as external media. Along with this software has three additional tools i.e. Stellar Drive Monitor, Stellar Repair for Photo, Stellar Repair for Video. Stellar proposes a comprehensible UI interface, reckless and full scans and a extensive choice of selections. You can't mistake with choosing this solution, however your decision might differ to preview its results.

The Stellar brand stances as one of the most trustworthy IT software provider today, thanks to a wide-ranging of data utilities planned to secure users out of tough conditions. Through this evaluation, I’ll be looking at the business’s data recovery solution, called Data Recovery Expert, which works for both Mac, Linux and Windows OSes.
Stellar Data Recovery can be used to revive files that you, an application, your OS or a virus have deleted. It can also be castoff to recuperate information from not working or corrupted hard drives, or erased, RAW or non-mounting partitions.
Bonuses that we like comprise the ability to recover data from external HDD, flash USB drives and damaged CDs or DVDs. The tool also provisions duplicating, which can be used to reproduction your whole file system or a volume onto a new hdd in case yours is deteriorating.
Stellar works proficiently and has one of the most feature-rich options of any data retrieval tool I verified, with options to scan by file type, scan specific folders and preview files while your scan is still in progress.
I was very enthralled with Stellar after hitting it through our difficult government that I called it my highest recommended data recovery tool for PC. Read on to find out the full scope of its capabilities, plus where it falls a little short.

Here’s a brief impression of the main features of Stellar Data Recovery Technician. We highlighted this software bundle because it proposals RAW partition recovery, a significant feature for any data recovery software.
Both of these are comprised in the additional exclusive “technician” edition of Stellar Data Recovery. A startup disk lets you recuperate data information from a computer that won’t boot due to a corrupted boot partition.
Stellar provisions recovery of most file types. The list includes:
  • Documents: Powerpoint, PDF, Word, Excel,
  • Images: RAW, Photoshop, Illustrator, JPEG, PNG,
  • Audio: AIFF, AAC, Ogg, MP3, WAV,
  • Videos: AVI, WMV, MPEG-4, QuickTime,
  • Archives: RAR, Stuffit, Zip, Gzip,

Also, you can add other file formats from the Setting option of the software

In the occasional occurrence that a file kind isn’t maintained, the software permits you describe new file categories if you have five examples that it can use to study from.
Stellar also take cares the common file systems used by Windows and Windows, Mac and Linux with Stellar Toolkit for Data Recovery 
  1. Windows: NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT
  2. Mac: HFS, HFS+
  3. Removable Storage: ExFat
  4. Linux: Ext2, Ext3, and Ext4
Installation Process

Installation Procedure for Stellar is very simple, I have downloaded trial version from Installation exe is very small in size, just 34 MB, While installation of Stellar Data Recovery Technician on the first page select setup language, by default it is English, click Ok. Next it welcome to the setup wizard, click next, Accept License agreement of Stellar.

Keep all the default unless you want to change Select Destination Location, Start menu folder and addition tasks creating desktop icon.
On ready to Install page review your installation setup settings, and start Installation by clicking Install. Once Completed installation of software, Launch the software by finishing wizard.
Recovery Process

Throughout this sector, I expression at the rudimentary recovery procedure for Stellar Data Recovery. The steps I cover represent the two of the most common procedures users will run with Stellar. We won’t inspect some of the extra procedures, like in what way to add new file kinds or how-to replica a partition in this space.
Once you’ve installed and started Data Recovery Technician, the wizard first asks you to pick the category of file you need to scan for. Being able to choose a definite file kind is a nice inclusion since it decreases scan time.

As it can be seen in the screenshot, Process is very simple to recover data. Click recover data, Here I have multiple options repair video, photo and monitor drive.

On the next page You can select what to recover, I am selecting everything to check the performance, I liked the options it has options separately for documents, emails and multimedia files.
Select the location which you want to scan for recovery, I am again amazed that it has option for common locations, drives and location like raw drive, disk images and raid recovery. I selected C drive - connected drive.
Pressing Scan will start looking for files and folders. Scan is pretty fast.
I re-run the scan with preview option enabled, which shows all the folder it scanned. 
In the Preview I see and verify the content of data before recovering.

To recover choose the destination and start saving.

  • RAID Recovery: Recovers lost or deleted data from RAID 0, RAID 5 and RAID 6 drives, More information provided in next paragraph.
  • Drive Monitor: It is a add-on SMART utility to monitor Drive health. Disk Monitor integrates a slew of options committed to advisory you in time about the probable disk catastrophes that could wipe away your years’ worth of valuable data. The competent tool provisions constant disk I/O error monitoring, temperature measurements, and SMART status. 
  • Photo Repair: Repair multiple corrupt photos in one go. Supports png, JPEG, bmp, gif  & other formats on Windows & Mac. If your images look blurred, grainy, distorted, pix-elated, split. Stellar Mends Photo and will help you revive your valued reminiscences making them high-pitched and rich.
  • Video Repair: Patch-up several corrupt videos in one go. Supports mp4, mov, avi & other formats, It maintenances the videos that became corrupt while shoot, when executing file transfer, also when editing, converting or processing.
There is good option to try recovering RAID 0, I use a lot RAID 0 for dev and test environment to utilize complete disks. It is the primary level of Redundant array inexpensive disk technology that uses block-level striping without parity or mirroring and has no (or zero) redundancy. RAID 0 progresses performance and storage but has no fault tolerance. Slightly drive catastrophe will cause complete data information loss and the probabilities of failure rises with an surge in the quantity of hard disks.

Raid 5 and Raid 6 are another level of RAID technology which uses Parity (Raid 6 uses double parity) and dispersed data between disks. Raid 5 requires minimum three disks and supports only 1 disk failure. In Raid 6 it is required minimum 4 disks and can support up to 2 disk failure. Recovery process one of the Raid level 5 same looks like below screenshots (Image source

There are good options under advanced settings, and they are self explanatory.

Last Judgement
Ended the path of rereading closely 6-7 data recovery solutions, no product overwhelmed me more than Stellar Data Recovery Technician. The product’s data recovery tool is filled with features, very user friendly and runs a snappy, thorough scan.
Anticipation is the best degree to safeguarding you don’t misplace your documents, so be sure and backup your hard drive if you aren’t already. Cheers for reading and please let me know if you have any opinions oStellar’s RAID recovery and data recovery technician software in the comments below.


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