Thursday, January 24, 2013

Differance Between HyperV live migration and Quick Migration

Live Migration

With HyperV live migration, you can move running VMs from one Hyper-V physical host to another without any disruption of service or perceived downtime.  It requires Microsoft Failover Clustering.

All the Vm memory pages are transferred from one HyperV Host to another HyperV host, while transferring it tracks modification of its memory pages and changes are done on destination host' VM memory. Once all the memory changes synchronized another Host brings VM online.

There is very minimal and unnoticeable downtime in live migration


Quick Migration moves (running) virtual machine from one HyperV host to another HyperV host with minimal downtime, taking advantage of Microsoft failover clustering and SCVMM.

HyperV saves the state of VM to shared storage as same as hibernation (It saves memory of virtual machine to disk/shared storage and during this period VM is unavailable on network ), it Unregisters VM from first HyperV host and registers it on another HyperV Host and resume this saved state. Speed is depending on VM memory size and storage connectivity, 

Quick migration can result in short window where the VM is not running.

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