Thursday, January 17, 2013

Migrate Windows 2003 DC to Windows 2008 infrastruction with 5 easy steps

1) Raise functional domain level on Windows 2003 domain.
  • Log on to windows 2003 server. Open Start>Administrative Tools>Active Directory Users and computers
  • Right click on Domain, the click on raise domain functional level from context menu
  • In the Select an available domain function level drop down box select highest domain level (here I don't have any windows 2000 domain servers in my infrastructure) and click on raise

2) Prepare domain controller (update schema using adprep)
  • Insert Windows 2008 DVD on the windows 2003 DC server.
  • Open command prompt Start>Run>cmd
  • Change drive letter and drive path to dvdrom:\support\adprep
  • Run command adprep32 /forestprep (Here my windows 2003 os is 32 bit if you have 64bit just run adprep /forestprep)
  • Run command adprpe32 /domainprep
  • last command need to run adprep32 /domainprep /gpprep

3) Add Windows 2008 server as an additional Domain controller
  • Log on to windows 2008 server, Open Server Manager on windows 2008 server then right click on Roles and add roles Active Directory Domain Services (you can directly run DCPROMO as well)
  • After running DCPROMO.exe select existing forest and add a domain to an existing domain click next
  • Type the domain name and set alternate credentials (domain admins or who has authority to add server to domain)
  • You can keep all other settings defaults and click next until finish (Settings may be defer policy wise, As this is my first windows 2008 DC I am keeping it as a DNS server and GC).
  • Once the server is rebooted you can check Active Directory data has been replicated to windows 2008 server

4) Transfer FSMO roles to Windows 2008 Server
  • Transfer all five roles one by one to windows 2008 server, log onto it, 
  • I am transferring schema master first, open command prompt and type regsvr32 schmmmgmt.dll, which will register and make visible active directory schema MMC snap-in in MMC. Open MMC tool and add Active Directory Schema as shown in video, right click on Active Directory Schema and select change active directory domain controller to windows 2008 server, then right click again on Active Directory Schema and select Operations Master and click on change to transfer schema master role.
  • Same way you can transfer domain master role in Active Directory Domain and Trusts MMC console. and to transfer RID, PDC & Infrastructure FSMO roles use Active Directory Users and Computers
  • In the last confirm by command which server holds which role. Netdom query fsmo
You can transfer roles through command prompt as well using ntdsutil command.

5) Demote Domain controller on Windows 2003 server.
  • In window 2003 server, Open Manage Your Server and select Add or remove role, select Domain Controller (Active Directory) from the list, check the box Remove the domain controller role. then click next until it finishes.
  • Once it has been done you can check on windows 2008 server that windows 2003 server is no longer exist in domain controller (in Active Directory users and computers), it has been moved to computers.

You can use dcpromo.exe /forceremoval command to demote active directory. once the server demoted you can start further decommission process by disjoining it from domain then removing computer account from active directory.

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